Viasat VPCMA Enhanced Hub Canceller



Viasat VPCMA Enhanced Hub Canceller- we have a couple of these in stock and truthfully I had to look at the datasheet to see what it does.

When I managed a teleport, a client needing 1 meg send and receive meant that I have to lease two separate 1 meg segments from the satellite operator. One for transmit and the other for receive. Then Comtech and others starting selling Carrier in Carrier options on their modems that superimposed transmit and receive on the same segment – cutting operator costs in half.

This product does the same thing, but as a stand alone device. Here are a few words taken from the datasheet:-

Slash bandwidth costs and unleash the capacity of your satellite networks with the VPCMA-L Enhanced Hub Canceller from ViaSat. This frequency-reuse appliance harnesses the power of ViaSat’s patented Paired Carrier Multiple Access (PCMA) technology to cut satellite bandwidth needs by as much as fifty percent.By simply adding the appliance to your satellite network, you can expand the capacity of transponders, free up bandwidth for more applications, and lower your network’s operating costs.

For example, while satellite space segment costs can vary greatly depending on
location and usage, a network operator paying $4,000 per MHz per month for 54 MHz can save up to $907,200 a year on bandwidth by using the VPCMA-L.

vpcma datasheet