Anacom 40EC C-Band Transceiver



Anacom 40EC C-Band Transceiver is an excellent example of an unused amplifier. These amplifiers are designed to work outside, and although the clock shows 14 months of operation we don’t believe that it has been deployed.

The EC transceiver has a TX frequency of 5.850 to 6.425 GHz with a receive frequency range of 3.625 to 4.200 GHz.

A typical 40 watt C-Band BUC will cost $5000 and need an L-Band modem with 10 MHz reference. However this transceiver will work with a 70 MHz modem, and does not need 10 MHz on the IF Cable.

You will save money with the a 70 MHz modem and still get the transceiver $1000 cheaper than a typical BUC.



Anacom Anasat 40EC C-Band Ext transceiver