Comtech EFData CSAT 5060-100 Transceiver



Comtech EFData CSAT 5060-100 Transceiver has just been returned from refurbishing, yes true refurbishing. Faulty components we found and replaced and then the transceiver was put through a full range of transmission tests. The tested frequency range is 5845 to 6425. The results are in the download tab.

I have often been asked for a description of a transceiver because SSPA and SSPB amplifiers are better known today. So here goes:

A transceiver is an amplifier with a built-in up converter and down converter. They expect to receive the input signal from a modem running 70 MHz and in this case the input is converter to C-Band and passed to the SSPA part of the transceiver.

On the receive side, C-Band input from an LNA is down converted to 70 MHz and passed to a conventional modem.

Best of all this Comtech EFData CSAT 5060-100 Transceiver is an outdoor unit that can be installed in the antenna hub or on the kingpost. Doing this means that standard low cost cable can take the transmission and return signals to the equipment room.

This does not mean that only 70 MHz modems can be used, with the addition of an L-Band to C-Band up converter state of the art L-Band modems or modulators can be used.

CSAT 5060-100 Test Results

CSAT 5060 Operations Manual