Anasat 20EC 20 Watt C-Band Transceiver



Anacom 20 Watt C-Band Transceiver, The frequency range is Transmit 5850 to 6425 MHz, and Receive 3625 to 4200 MHz. This transceiver is fully tested and guaranteed.Anacom VSAT Transceiver

Transceivers are comprised of three separate components, a 70 MHz to C-Band upconverter, a C-Band SSPA amplifier and a C-Band to 70 MHz downconverter. The Type N connector for the LNA cable is powered by 18VDC required by the LNA or LNC.

Anacom supply a comprehensive software package for their C-Band Transceiver to improve and simplify maintenance routines, an external terminal (or computer) can be connected to monitor a number of critical parameters without use of additional test equipment. These include:
• Transmitter power output level
• TX/RX IF input level
• Power supply voltages
• TX/RX synthesizer loop voltages
• Internal Temperature
• Alarm Details

Transceivers are overlooked and BUCs are in greater favor. There some very good reasons to think about transceivers.

  • The have AC Power and do not expect DC from the modem
  • The transceiver supplies 10 MHz
  • Old School rugged outdoor enclosure.

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