Anacom 20SEC C-Band Transceiver



Anacom 20SEC C-Band Transceiver – this is a brand new amplifier, never used. In Anacom’s terminology the SEC indicates that it covers a super extended C-Band range. The transmit range is 5.850 to 6.725 GHz and the RX is 3.400 to 4.200 GHz.

The disadvantage of using an old school amplifier is that its heavy and bulky, if you want to mount it on an antenna support arm you must check to see if the antenna will hold 30 lbs

The advantage of a transceiver is that it can be used with an old school 70 MHz modem that are readily available for less than $1000. The transceivers use AC power and because of their size and weight they are extremely reliable.

Anasat C-band transceivers series datasheet

Anacom AnaSat C-Band Transceiver Manual

Anacom AnaSat C-Band Transceiver Manual