What is a Teleport or Earth Station?

Every satellite circuit has two ends; at one end is our client in Africa or South America with a need for an Internet connection, at the other end is our site in Miami or Italy where we land the clients signal. The satellite circuit connects the teleport to the client and brings Internet directly to the remote location. Read on to learn more about Teleport or Earth Station.
What is a Teleport or Earth Station

Earth Station 9M Antenna

A full Teleport is an impressive place, large dishes, high power amplifiers, redundant connections to the Internet and multiple backup power generators. At the client side we try to install much smaller scale equipment. We recommend the smallest dish and the lowest power amplifier that will get the job done. Large dishes and high power amplifiers cost money, and we try to save our clients cost where possible.

After a client’s equipment has been installed, our Teleport engineers guide the client through the initial stages of setting up a high quality, reliable, link.

When the satellite link is verified to be working correctly, the final step is to make the connections from the Teleport to the client’s final service destination. In most cases the final destination is the US Public Internet service, a VoIP provider or sometimes the connection is to the client’s own network.

Sheltered TeleportOnce the client accepts the link, it is put into permanent monitoring mode. Alarms are set on the modems to alert the Teleport employee if the link power drops below acceptable levels. Should that happen, the Teleport personnel contact the client and together they solve the problem.