Used Satellite Equipment For Sale

Used Satellite Equipment For Sale

Used Satellite Equipment For SaleEverybody knows that used satellite equipment will be cheaper than new gear, and so the two major questions you must ask of your supplier, does it work and will they stand behind it?

Before answering the question on behalf of my company, I would like to explain our guarantee.

If you ever receive equipment that fails during the warranty period, you return it to us, carefully packaged, we test and repair it and then pay the cost of returning it to you.

Unfortunately for us, when this happens, our profit on the sale disappears, and so you can be certain that we work hard to ensure that these failures are few.

If repair or replacement is impossible then we will refund your initial purchase price.

It is impossible to always stock the exact piece of used satellite equipment a client needs, but we do have good relationships with the manufacturers, and we can often source brand new equivalent at discounted prices.