Agilent 83620B Signal Generator



This Agilent 83620B Signal Generator is a used, fully Swept Signal Generator, with a frequency range of 10MHz to 20GHz. We use this and similar Signal Generators to allow accurate testing of any device that requires an accurate frequency input.


It is impossible in this short space to list all of the features of this Agilent 83620B Signal Generator but the overview:

This unit has not been calibrated in many years and so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the signal.

Storage temperature range: –40 °C to 75 °C Operating temperature range: 0 °C to 55 °C

Environmental EMC: Within limits of CISPR Pub.11/1990 Group 1, Class A, and Mil-Std-461C Part 7 RE02

Warm-up time Operation: Requires 30-minute warm-up from cold start at 0 °C to 55 °C. Internal temperature equilibrium reached after two-hour warm-up at stable ambient temperature.

Frequency reference: Reference time base is kept at operating temperature with the instrument connected to AC power. Instruments disconnected from AC power for more than 24 hours require 30 days to achieve time base aging specification. Instruments disconnected from AC power for less than 24 hours require 24 hours to achieve time base aging specification.

Power requirements 48 to 66 Hz; 115 volts (+10/–25%) or 230 volts (+10/–15%); 400 VA maximum (30 VA in STANDBY)

Weight and dimensions Net weight: 27 kg (60 lb) Shipping weight: 36 kg (80 lb) Dimensions: 178 H ¥ 425 W ¥ 648 mm D (7.0 ¥ 16.75 ¥ 22.5 inches)

See the datasheet below for complete product information.