L3 Test Loop Translator



L3 Test Loop Translator

We have been asked “What does a test loop translator do?”
A test loop translator (TLT) is a type of radio frequency converter or heterodyne, used to translate between uplink and downlink segments (generally in the same band), to allow for “loop-back” testing and calibration of a satellite ground station without the need to interface with the satellite.

This one is a lot different from most single frequency TLTs in that it has a full range of frequency settings. Starting with C-band, five KU choices, and X1 and X2.

You can see in photographs, we put a 14GHz input and monitored the output at 10.95Ghz.

I don’t have a manual for this TLT but I have made some tests today.

There are five KU band settings, With a 14GHZ input
K1 output 10.95 GHz
K2 output 11.20 GHz
K3 output 12.25 GHz
K4 output 11.70 GHz
K5 output 12.50 GHz

C-Band input of 6.125 input and output also shows 6.125 GHz (in other words it’s not working correctly)

I don’t have any RF source of X-band so cannot test X1 and X2

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