HP 5087A Distribution Amplifier


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The primary purpose of the HP 5087A Distribution AmplifierĀ is receive a reference signal and then distribute it without loss or degradation to up to 12 output channels. This model offers three separate input channels capable of distributing three different reference frequencies.

HP5087A Distribution Amplifier

We have a large number or these distribution amplifiers consequently we can offer extended warranty for six months or twelve months.

Ask your salesman to quote for anything beyond the standard 60 days.

Here is a fuller description taken from the manufacturers datasheet

The Keysight 5087A distribution amplifier provides the flexibility required for distributing signals from the output of high-quality frequency standards. Low distortion and excellent isolation make it ideal for providing multiple outputs from atomic or crystal frequency standards. The three input channels will accept 10 MHz or 5 MHz. The number of outputs for each channel is selectable up to a total of 12. Voltage levels are individually adjustable from 0 Vrms to 3 Vrms for each of the output channels.

Because the 5087A is modular, you can configure it for a variety of distribution needs using special combinations of input and output modules. Shielding around each input and output plug-in amplifier ensures minimum noise and crosstalk. The tuned output amplifiers provide clean signals and high channel-to channel isolation. A 115/230 VAC power supply provides well-regulated current for the amplifiers. Line voltage fluctuations have no measurable effect on the amplitude or phase of the outputs. Provision for external 22-30 Vdc connections ensures uninterrupted operation in the event of AC failure.

When you need to expand the capabilities of your distribution amplifier , you can order individual input and output modules using Keysight model number 10812A.