2006 Nissan UD 2600, Extended Cab Broadcast Truck



2006 Nissan UD 2600, Extended Cab Broadcast Truck
– 220,450 miles – Well maintained with good tires and paint
–Marathon Body, custom built insulated box with (2) 17,500 BTU Air Conditioners
– 230 HP Hino engine with engine break
– 25,950 GVW (no special license required)
– Allison Automatic Transmission.
-MQ Power Whisperwatt – 45 Kva diesel generator
-Apollo Power Panel with Shore and Generator Metering and Switching
-150’ Power Cable

-(1) Comtech 5.5 meter antenna with 3 port feedhorn. Single pole transmit, dual pole receive

2006 Nissan UD 2600Electronics
-(2) Comtech UT-4505 C Band Upconverters – Serviced with new memory batteries
-(2) Tandberg SM5600 Modulators
-(2) Tandberg E5782 HD/SD 4:2:2 & 4:2:0 Encoders – 8 Audios – BISS Encryption
-(1) Tandberg RX 1290 HD/SD RX/Decoder with BISS decryption – DVBS/DVBS2 – QPSK/8PSK – 8 Audios
-(1) Tandberg 8200 HD/SD RX/Decoder with BISS decryption – DVBS/DVBS2 – QPSK/8PSK
-(1) Standard Global Analog Video/Audio Receiver
-(1) 17” Plura PBM-217S 17” Multiformat HD/SD SDI Monitor with 16 Channel Audio metering, video measurement and SDI audio de-embedding
-(1) Marshall V-R653P-HD Triple 5” HD SDI Monitors
-(1) Avcom PSA 37D Spectrum Analyzer
-(2) Varian/CPI GEN III C Band Amplifiers
-(1) Hubcom 1:1 Amplifier Switch System
-(2) Miranda / Densite HD SDI 1×4 video distribution amplifiers with dual power supply tray
-(1) Hamlet Microflex – Handheld waveform with EYE Pattern, SDI Audio de-embedding
-(1) Videotek VTM 4100 HD/SD Video/16 Ch. Audio Measurement and De-Embedder to AES audio
-(1) Wohler VMDA-4 Multi Input AES Audio Meter / Monitor
-(1) Crown D-75 Stereo Speaker amplifier
-(1) RTS-MCE 325 2 Channel Base Station with attached speaker
-(2) ADC HS SDI Video Patch Bays
-(3) Bittree Analog Audio Patch Bays
-(1) Antenna set up tool kit.

The owner is looking to sell the truck as rack ready only with the antenna, or complete with all the electronics listed. The price choices are as follows

1) Truck with box as rack ready only with the antenna – $25,000.00

2) Truck with box as rack ready, with the antenna and the generator – $29,450.00

3) Complete unit with all electronics – $45,000.00

Please note that the truck is currently without any electronics installed for security reasons. The truck has two CPI GEN III, 24 channel klystron amplifiers with a 1:1 waveguide switch system with 2 spare klystron tubes as spares that are included at no cost no matter what configuration is desired. We can remove the amplifiers and associated waveguide if not needed but we cannot offer further discounts.