GATR Technologies 10580 1.8m KU-Band Antenna



GATR Technologies 10580 1.8m KU-Band Antenna was originally owned by FEMA and as part of that emergency response organization it saw very little actual use and although it cannot be called unused it can be called very little used.

The antenna package is complete and packed in five transport cases. The BUC is a Wavestream 16W complete with power supply. Shore power cables and all other M&C connections are included. The full list is shown under the Downloads Tab.

A Rohde & Schwarz FSH3 handheld spectrum Analyzer.aids quick set up in the field, For the Internet there is a Cisco router and a pair of Cisco switches model SG 100-16. A VoIP telephone system with four handsets.aids communications – essential in an emergency response deployment.

The original price of this complete package was $169,724.


GATR Antenna System

This GATR 1.8M was removed from a working environment and the integrity of the dome has been tested.

The photographs of the deployed antenna are stock photographs and not of the actual product being sold.


Antenna Case:
GATR 1.8m Antenna
Antenna Compression Bag
Antenna Stage
Ground Anchor Plates
Inflation Hose Assembly Green and Yellow
GATR Manual Inflation Unit
Inflation Adapter Hose Assembly

KU-Band Band Electronics Case:
KU RF Feedmount
1.8m KU-Band Feedmount Leg Assembly – A & C
New Japan NJT5116F KU-Band 3W BUC
Low Noise Block Downconverter, KU-Band, 11.70-12.20GHz
Low Noise Block Downconverter, KU-Band, 12.25-12.75GHz
Low Noise Block Downconverter, KU-Band, 10.95-11.70GHz
Wavestream MBB-KUE016-DS00 16W KU-Band BUC
Wavestream MBP-000300-D000 300W Power Supply
Flex wave Waveguide Assembly, 10FT
Cable, HPA, AC Power
Cable, HPA, 32 Pin
Cable, HPA, 19 Pin
Cable, HPA, RS485 Serial To USB Adapter
iConnex E800 Modem – Norsat OMU-800
Sealed Power Supply, 24VDC
RF Cable Assembly, Monitor, RG6, 50FT
RF Cable Assembly, Transmit-Receive, RG6, 50FT
Stake Bag
Tool Bag
Common Spares Kit

UPS Case:
Uninterruptible Power Supply – Mobile Pathways SWE10WF24V2
UPS AC Input Cable
UPS DC Input Cable
UPS DC Output Cable, Dual Head, 4 Pin
Cable Pouch

Auto Inflation Unit Case:
Auto Inflation Unit
Sealed Power Supply, 24VDC
24VDC Backup Cable

VOIP Network Equipment Case:
Two Network Switch, 16 Port, Model Cisco SG100-16
Cisco 1800 Series Router