Codan 6908 8W KU-Band BUC



Codan 6908 8W KU-Band BUC is a used, tested and guaranteed Block Up Converter.

Codan uses a very structured model number system. The full model number for this BUC is 6908-W/S-48IF, which when translated using Codan’s system, means 8W, Waveguide output, 48VDC power, standard frequency range (14 to 14.5GHz) and type N connector.

We have two of these BUCs and each one has its own handheld controller.

Codan 6908 8W KU-Band BUC

Codan 6900 Series Features

Ideally suited to rapid deploy or offshore applications
DC power via separate connector
Separate power supplies available for AC power applications
Available in single thread and 1+1 redundant confi gurations
Rugged & Reliable

Design MTBF exceeds 100,000 hours
IP67 rating that provides protection from water or dust storms
Sealed to 34 kPA (5 Psi)
Best RF Power Efficiency

8–25 W of power for under 7 kg (15 lb) direct feed mount
Specifically Designed

Military applications
Broadcast applications
Size limited applications
Highly mobile ground systems
Remote area, install-and-forget applications
Harsh environment operation

Codan 6900 Datasheet

Codan 6900 Operations Manual