MCL MT3200A 400W KU-Band TWTA



MCL MT3200A 400W KU-Band TWTA – This amplifier has had very little use. The elapsed time and beam-on hours are extremely low. The filament elapsed time is only 772 hours and the operational log on/off events shows that it was clearly used on a broadcast truck.

We consider that twenty to thirty thousand hours to be low, and anything less than one thousand to be exceptionally low – almost like a new amplifier.

The other great results from the tests is the Helix current of 2.8 MA measured at maximum output. Simply put the lower the Helix current the better the tube is working, indicating a lifetime of good service in front of it.

The MCL MT3200A 400W KU-Band TWTA has a full frequency range of 13.75 to 14.5 GHz.

Manufacturer’s Datasheet