MCL MT2300 125W KU-BAND BUC with a frequency range of 14 to 14.5Ghz. This is an outdoor mount amplifier complete with a remote console called an MTR1.

This amplifier came to us very badly packed and because of that we took extra care in testing, and made some minor cosmetic repairs.

The amplifier works perfectly and because this is a TWTA we are able to monitor the Helix values across the frequency and power range. The maximum Helix current was 3mA at full power as you know this indicates a very healthy tube.

We used a Comtech CDM-570L providing input. The modem was set to -26.55 dBm and we varied the output power using the MTR1 to control the attenuation. Starting at 20db we measured the output and the Helix current across the output from 0.9 mA to 3.0 mA

We cannot find operating instructions for the MTR1 and sort of got it to work, but if you have a manual or know of one please let us know.

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Data Sheet MCL 2300-antenna-mount-twta

MCL MT2300 Test Results