Codan 8W KU-Band BUC Model 6908-W/S-48 IF


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Codan 8W KU-Band BUC Model 6908-W/S-48 IF I have to admit that it’s not the best looking product, but it works well, so what more do you want?

Codan uses a very structured model number system. The full model number for this BUC is 6908-W/S-48IF, which when translated using Codan’s system, means 8W, Waveguide output, 48VDC power, standard frequency range (14 to 14.5GHz) and type N connector.

The photographs show them under test on our bench. Using an Agilent power meter with a Comtech CDM-570L with a 48VDC BUC power supply installed.

Codan 6900 Series Features

Ideally suited to rapid deploy or offshore applications
DC power via separate connector
Available in single thread and 1+1 redundant configurations
Rugged & Reliable

Design MTBF exceeds 100,000 hours
IP67 rating that provides protection from water or dust storms
Sealed to 34 kPA (5 Psi)
Best RF Power Efficiency

8–25 W of power for under 7 kg (15 lb) direct feed mount
Specifically Designed

Military applications
Broadcast applications
Size limited applications
Highly mobile ground systems
Remote area, install-and-forget applications
Harsh environment operation

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Codan 6900 Datasheet