Amkom 50W KU-Band BUC D/C Power


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Amkom 50W KU-Band BUC D/C Power. Another of the Amkom lightweight medium power KU-Band BUCs with a weight of 5.5lbs (2.5kg) There are two frequency variants and In order to reduce weight and size this BUC needs DC power input.

50W 13.75 – 14.50 GHz DC 22-55V via N-type or MS Connector $8,995.00 2-3 weeks
50W 12.75 – 13.25 GHz DC 22-55V via N-type or MS Connector $9,850.00 4-5 weeks

Brand new with a three week delivery and three year warranty.

The “LIGHTWEIGHT” series Extended (13.75 – 14.5GHz), Standard (14.0 – 14.5GHz) and Low(12.75 – 13.25GHz) Frequency 50W KU-Band BUCs are the next generation of the World’s Smallest feed-horn & boom-arm mountable BUCs in the industry, weighing-in only at 3.5lbs (1.6kg) and working at high temp up to 70°C.

• Hyper-Light Package Design Only 3.5lbs (1.6kg)
• Extreme Stability, Reliability and Performance
• Built-in HPA Overdrive Circuit Protection
• Built-in Optimized Linearization
• Built-in Ultra Receive Band Reject Filter
• Built-in Anti Vibration Technology
• Built-in DC Input Noise Suppression Filter
• Extreme GaN Linearity and Efficiency
• Exceeds ALL IESS-308/309 Phase Noise Standards
• Triple protection sealed waveguide output
• Field Replaceable IP68 Rated Fans
• Fully Assembled, and Rigorously Tested in the USA
• 3 Year Warranty

alku50-1 50W DC Power