We Purchase Surplus Satellite Equipment

We Purchase Surplus Satellite Equipment and when Dow Jones closed all seventeen of their  satellite locations we purchased every item from every site. We travelled from Florida to the State of Washington and everywhere in between to complete the purchase.

A year later In 2014 we purchased over two hundred KU band BUCs from a company switching to a different supplier and all of the AVL disaster communication antennas from the US Red Cross.

That acquisition forced us to double our warehouse size so that we could keep everything on site in Florida.

Purchase Surplus Satellite Equipment

This photograph shows us in April 2015, two of our engineers in the middle of removing three 9M vertex and a 4.8M antenna from a site in San Diego.  The reflector of one antenna is strapped and about to be lifted from the base.

The entire project was completed in just eleven days.

If you have surplus or know of any, we are just as happy to discuss the purchase of a single item or a complete teleport, and so be sure to contact us for a quote!