Comtech EF-Data Manuals and Data Sheets

Manuals and data sheets for Comtech EFData Satellite Equipment.

In addition to the hundreds of hard copy manuals that we have in stock, when we find manufacturers data sheets and manuals on-line, we add them to our website. We make no attempt to verify if they are the the latest version and we recommend checking with the manufacturer for the updated versions. This page features redundancy switches, interface converters and a veriety of other items.

KST2000L Satellite Terminal Manual
KST2000A/B Satellite Terminal Manual
CSAT-5060 C-Band 5-100 watt, Manual
CSAT-5060 C-Band 100 watt Manual
PCB-4000 Phase Combiner
PCB-4300 Phase Combiner
HPOD C-X-KU High Power ODU
XPA-200 High Power SSPA (IDU)
XPA-200 High Power SSPA (ODU)
XSAT-7080 X-Band Transceiver
CLO-10 Link Optimizer

UT-4500 Up-converter Manual
DT-4500 Down-converter Manual
LBC-4000 L-Band Up & Down Converter
DT-4572 X-Band Down Converter
UT-4579 X-Band Up Converter
UT-4579 X-Band Up Converter
C & KU Band Block Up Converter
RAP-100 Remote Access Panel
MBT-4000 Multi Band Transceiver
MBT-4000B Multi Band Transceiver
CSAT-6070 25W C-Band Transceiver
CSAT-6070 50W C-Band Transceiver