Comtech EFData SDM-300A Satellite Modem


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SDM-300A Satellite Modem manufactured by Comtech EFData is a used modem.

Still functioning perfectly it can be used as a cheap alternative to more expensive modems for basic satellite operations.

SDM-300A Satellite Modem

As configured these modems are 2 Mb, QPSK, Viterbi 70 MHz IF.

Comtech offer the following details of the SDM-300A Satellite Modem on their datasheet.

• 2.4 kbps to 5 Mbps
• Fully Accessible System Topology (FAST)
• Intermediate Data Rate (IDR)
• INTELSAT Business Services (IBS)
• Drop and Insert (D&I)
• Automatic Uplink Power Control (AUPC)
• Asynchronous Channel Unit Overhead
• Turbo Product Codec (Option)
• Reed-Solomon
• Built-In Self Test
• Burst Mode Operation

Fully configured, the SDM-300A will meet or exceed all of the applicable requirements in IESS-308, 309, and 310 and is available with a full range of industry standard digital interfaces.


Comtech EFData SDM-300A Datasheet