LNR Smart Switch Series Eight Channel Protection Switch


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LNR Smart Switch Series Eight Channel Protection Switch

The SMART SWITCH series of Eight Channel Protection Switch usable in the configurations listed in the above text, are intended for 70 MHz, and 140 MHz Intermediate Frequency (IF.) operation within the CONTROLLER/IF SWITCH ASSEMBLY, LNR part no. 015845. In addition, dual polarity down converter input frequency selection capability may be incorporated into this assembly.
RF. switching functions are provided by the companion unit RF. SWITCH ASSEMBLY, LNR part no. 015844. This assembly as determined by specific type may be configured to satisfy the protected transmit link frequencies ranging from 5.850 GHz to 14.50 GHz
All channel switching capability installed within the units utilizes outboard coaxial inter channel connection. The unit is rapidly upgraded in the field with purchased channel upgrade kits. The upgrade kits are installed without service interruption, and without removing the respective assemblies from the equipment rack.

The SMART SWITCH is completely self-contained, requiring only connection to the LNR synthesized SLIMLINE frequency converters to operate. The CONTROLLER/IF SWITCH unit is housed in a three and one half in. (2RU) rack mountable chassis. The RF SWITCH ASSEMBLY, is housed in a five an one quarter inch rack mountable chassis. All manual controls and indicators are located on the unit front panel, The remote control interface function accessibility is located on the rear panel.