L3 Communications C-Band Downconverter Manual


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L3 Communications C-Band Downconverter Manual

This manual contains operating and maintenance instructions for C-Band Downconverter Models DC11M2-D5(70) and DC11M2-D5(140) manufactured by LNR TrexCom Inc.

The LNR model DC11M2-D5 includes DC11M2-D5(70), or DC11M2-D5(140), is a RF frequency translation product, which provides downlink RF frequency translation functions in a single unit (1 3/4″) high. Its function is to down-convert an Ku-Band RF input frequency range of 10.95 to 12.75 GHz to the standard 70 MHz, or 140 MHz, output frequency

The DC11M2-D5 will address any frequency within the stated transmit bandwidth in 125 KHz stepped increments, for D5 models. The IF bandwidth is intended for operation within a 40 MHz bandwidth centered at 70 MHz (Fo +/- 20 MHz) , for the 70 MHz model or within a 80 MHz bandwidth centered at 140 MHz (Fo +/- 40 MHz) for the 140 MHz model.
Due to its low phase noise and high frequency stability characteristics, the model DC11M2-D5 meets INTELSAT, EUTELSAT, Regional and DOMSAT requirements.

Both the model DC11M2-D5(70), and model DCT1M2-D5(140), may be used as a stand alone up converter, as a single thread transmit unit satisfying the frequency translation component requirements for an earth station, or in redundancy with either LNR 1:1 protection switch option or in one for one “switchless” redundancy configuration.

The DC11M2-D5 is completely self-contained, requiring only AC power to operate. The unit is housed in a standard size rack mountable chassis. All operational controls and indicators are located on the unit front panel. The on / off switch, line cord and all remote control and monitoring function accessibility are located on the rear panel. Local (front panel) controls are presented in an alpha-numeric menu driven format, via a “back lighted’ LCD display. Individual functions are accessed via front panel keypad switches.