Paradise Datacom Evolution Modem Manual


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Paradise Datacom Evolution Modem Manual

Paradise Datacom Evolution Modem manual describes it as “Installation and Operating Handbook for Evolution Series Satellite Modems” This is a thick manual, still very well preserved after being on somebodies teleport library for many years.

Paradise Datacom Evolution Modem

The Evolution modem is a typical SCPC modem with a wide variety of options, this manual describes in detail all of the possible options and their usage.

Paradise Datacom is proud to present its next-generation, state-of-the-art Evolution Series of satellite modems. Its innovative design incorporates a novel architecture that uses upgradeable programmable logic for all major functions, creating a flexible modern platform easily adapted to future demands.

It provides a rich feature set and flexibility of configuration, allowing you to purchase only what you need initially and then enable further features in the field at a later date. It sets new levels of usability by adopting multiple language support on all user interfaces as standard (including English, French and Spanish – contact Customer Technical Support for up to date details of other languages that are supported).