Codan 5900 KU-Band Frequency Converter



Codan 5900 KU-Band Frequency Converter is a part of a Codan KU-Band transceiver. This items performs a dual conversion from 70 MHz to KU-Band and KU-Band back to 70 MHz.

Codan 5900 KU-Band Frequency Converter

Codan 5900 KU-Band Frequency Converter showing the front and back of a typical converter.

All systems use the common 5900 series converter module, which has an RF input of 950–1700 MHz. Using the appropriate LNB allows receive bands to be selected. Standard frequency bands are listed above whilst other bands are available on request. A selection of LNBs (phase locked to the internal 10 MHz reference in the 5900 converter module) is available to best meet noise temperature and configuration needs.

Codan 5900 KU-Band Frequency Converter Configuration Options

Transmit frequency band (GHz)
1 14.0–14.5
2 13.75–14.50
Receive frequency bands (GHz)
1 10.95–11.7
2 11.7–12.2
3 12.25–12.75
N Narrow band (40 MHz); field selectable 70 or 140 MHz IF
W Wide band (80 MHz); 140 MHz IF
WR75 Waveguide output
Options and accessories
Hand-held Controller
Remote Controller
Redundancy Switching System

The converter is a stand-alone part of the transceiver package. We are not offering it with cables or other parts of the transceiver.

In separate listings we have Codan power supply and Codan SSPAs.

KU-Band Transceiver Datasheet

Codan 5900 Operations Manual