ASC 4.5M KU-Band Trailer Mounted Antenna



ASC 4.5M KU-Band Trailer Mounted Antenna has a 5 year old reflector mounted on an older ASC mount. We modified the skid mount so it rolls into a c-container and can be slid around on the casters if need be. The casters are inverted while on this transport trailer.

My guys did a full refurbish,took it all apart and cleaned the azimuth chain and all other movable parts.

Somebody once described the antenna as the Swiss Army knife of tri-folds.

This antenna is designed to be placed on a platform, and the platform can be set on a trailer for mobility or the platform can be placed on the ground instead.

For quick deployment it will be left on the trailer with plenty of space for cables and flight cases below the platform.

If the antenna is placed on the ground for a longer term job and the trailer is no longer needed, move it  away and use it for something else or store it out of the elements.

Want to ship it in a c-container. Lift it off the trailer deck and put the castors on to roll into a container with ease.

The controller is a field fixable contact based unit that is very basic in design. Easily obtain parts anywhere in the world and simple to repair with basic electronics background.
Designed by a retired GD-Satcom field engineer who worked in the controller division of what use to be Vertex/GD-Satcom.

The reflector/feed assembly is roughly 5years old and integrated onto a refurbished Andrew pedestal that has been maintained and well taken care of.

Trailer is also 5 years old and custom built for the weight and antenna design. Perfect tongue weight and pulls fluidly.