GDSatcom 4.8M C-Band Feed



GDSatcom 4.8M C-Band Feed, this is a new Vertex, General Dynamics Feed

Feed tube info:
Feed 4.8 C-BAND
RX 3.625-4.20 TX 5.85-6.425

This feed tube can be used to change a 4.8m KU-Band antenna to a C-band Antenna as a drop in replacement.

Here are some extra new 4.8m  parts we also have.

3 V grove feed roller bearings
1 pol drive mount
1 feed ring
1 rain shield
1 pol chain
1 AZ AL hand crank
1 set LNA/LNB system support arms
1 sub reflector

Additional information



Vertex Bill of Materials.pdf










Feed Drawing