Radeus 8200 Antenna Control System


Radeus 8200 Antenna Controller

We are offering a new Antenna Control System manufactured by Radeus Labs. The ACU is Radeus model 8200. The complete system consists of the indoor controller plus the 8250 Outdoor Control Cabinet.

The full system includes:
8200 ACU
8250 ADU
IFL (30M Ethernet cable)

While reading through the specifications discussing efficiency, cost savings,lower prices etc. We found one small fact that in our mind is a game changer. Connecting a Vertex 7200 to the outside control box requires multiple cables pulled through the conduit, but with this controller, the connection¬† to their own control cabinet is via a single Ethernet cable – and that’s such a great feature.

I’m biased because I don’t like pulling cables, but to everyone else there are other more important features,

Totally compatible with the Vertex 7200 and the Vertex 7150 Control Cabinet.
Full Ethernet Access via local browser
Remote access via Team Viewer
Full Color touch screen interface

Software upgrades can be performed directly via the USB port, or remotely via Team Viewer Ethernet Access.

Link to Antenna Controllers

Delivery of a new controller is typically just over 30 days.

Because of the range of option available we need to discuss your exact needs before providing the cost of the Antenna Control System.

8200_8250 ACS System Description