MCL 10999 300 Watt KU-Band TWTA


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MCL 10999 300 Watt KU-Band TWTA

This is a used KU-Band TWTA is manufactured by MCL, we have a pair of them that we removed from our Wolf Coach Broadcast Trailer. They are standard KU-Band frequency range of 14.0 GHz to 14.5 Ghz.

These are older amplifiers, but they performed extremely well in our tests.

When testing tube amplifiers, we look at the high voltage reading to ensure that it is stable, and we measure the tube helix current at three levels. At zero drive, at low drive and at saturation.

A consistently low current across those three test points shows that the condition of the tube. With both of these KU-Band TWTA amplifiers the results were outstanding. The results of the tests are shown in the downloads section of this page.

MCL 10999 SN 1790
MCL 10999 SN 1789