NJT5670F 5 Watt C-Band BUC 6.725 to 7.025 GHz



The New Japan Radio NJT5670F 5 Watt C-Band BUC is a used high range C-Band 5 Watt BUC. The output covers the C-Band range from 6.725 to 7.025 GHz. The BUC has a WR75 Flange and F-Type input connector.

These type of amplifiers are used extensively by VSAT terminals.

NJT 5670F 5 Watt C-Band BUC

VSAT BUCs of this type require a 10 MHz reference and 24VDC to be supplied via the IFL cable. Packed in a 9 * 7 * 5 box the weight is 6lbs

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NJT 5670F Data Sheet