Prodelin Manuals

Manuals and data sheets for Prodelin (GDSatcom) Satellite Equipment.

In addition to the hundreds of hard copy manuals that we have in stock, when we find manufacturers data sheets and manuals on-line, we add them to our website. We make no attempt to verify if they are the the latest version and we recommend checking with the manufacturer for the updated versions. This information is for our client’s convenience and it is free to download.

0.95M KU TX/RX Model 1950 and 1951 DS
1.2M KU RO Series 1123 and 1125 DS
1.8M C and KU TX/RX DS
1.8M C and KU RO DS
2.4M C and KU TX/RX Series 1251 DS
2.4M C and KU TX/RX Series 1244 DS
2.4m and 3.8m Dual Optic 1254 and 1388 DS
3.8M C and KU Series 1383 DS
3M,3.4m and 3.7m RO DS
Drawing C-Band Circular Feed for 1.8 and 2.4M
Drawing Circular Polarization for 1.8 and 2.4M
Drawing 3.8m C-Band 4-Port Circular Diplexer
C-Band RxTx ODU Feed Installation
2.4M C&Ku-Band (Receive Only)
4.8M Antenna
3.8M Offset Foundation drawing
3.8M C-Band Rx/TX Antenna System
1385 Series 3.8m VSAT Antenna

2.4m Mount Mechanical Characteristics
1.8 to 2.4 CP Feed Support manual
1.8 C and KU 1184 Series manual
1.8M C and KU RO 1183 Series
1.8m Non Pen Mount Manual
1.8M Pedestal Mount Manual
2.4M C and KU Series 1251 Manual
2.4M C and KU RO Series 1252 Manual
2.4 – 3.8M Foundation Manual
3.8M Old Style, Manual
3.8M New Style Manual
3.8M Pipe Mount Assembly Manual
1.8M C&Ku-Band 1184 Series
1.8M C&Ku-Band 1183 Series
1.8M C&Ku-Band 1182 Series
1.2M C&Ku-Band 1134 Series
1.2M C&Ku-Band 1123&1125 Series
1.2M C&Ku-Band 1120 Series