Baird Manuals

Manuals and data sheets for Baird Antenna Support Systems.

Baird make the industry standard non penetrating or load-frame antenna supports. Over our many years of selling used satellite equipment we have often bought and resold Baird products, and so we make an attempt to find the appropriate datasheet or manual. We make no attempt to verify if they are the the latest version and we recommend checking with the manufacturer for the updated versions. This information is for our client’s convenience and it is free to download.

Baird Non-Penetrating Support System
Baird B4-6×6 Non-Penetrating Mount
Baird B6-18
Baird Tie-down Kit
Baird PL-2 Non-Penetrating Mount
Baird PSH-2 Non-Penetrating Mount
Baird PXL-2 Non-Penetrating Mount
Baird 1/8" Rubber Matting
S-Universal Ridge-mount

Baird Non-Penetrating and Penetrating Support System
Baird VL-4 Non-Penetrating Supporting System
Baird PXL2HD Non-Penetrating Mount
Baird PXL-2/PXL-2HD Penetrating Foot Mount
Baird Non-Penetrating and Penetrating Support System
Baird PXL-2HD Penetrating and Non-Penetrating Mount
Baird PXL-2HD Specs