KU-Band Quick Disconnect Coupling



KU-Band Quick Disconnect Coupling.

If you had to remove an LNB or amplifier in the hub of a 13M antenna, or a VSAT on a roof top in a windy day, then you’ll know how uncomfortable fiddling with an Allen wrench, screwdriver and pliers to get the job done.

I’m surprised that more people don’t use Quick Disconnect couplings. No tools, a one quarter turn and the amplifier is free.

I remember a miserable four hours on a roof in Washington, The temperature was low and the wind was fierce and my fingers had difficulty holding the tools.How I wished that we had fitter Quick Disconnect coupling when we built the site.

The units that we are featuring here a KU-Band and they are brand new from the factory. Install them and don’t worry about future frost bite or sun stroke.