Ipitek MSP-110


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Ipitek MSP-110 encodes and decodes analog baseband video and efficiently transports DVB-ASI plus RS-232 async over a simplex or duplex fiber link.

Ipitek MSP-110

Ipitek MSP-110 Features

• Baseband video and HDTV (19.4 Mb/s) on one fiber
• Up to 149 Mb/s Available in ASI-Only Mode
• Populate for uni-directional or bi-directional service
• OC-3c/STM-1c Interface to SONET/SDH Transport Rings
• Choice of SFP lasers for Various Link Budgets and CWDM
• full remote inband management in two way mode via Web Browser and SNMP
• RS-232 async data service link included
• NEBS Level 3 Approved


Data sheet – pdf