Divicom MediaView MV15


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Divicom MediaView MV15 is a used Satellite DVB MPEG-2 Encoder – 30-day Warranty

Divicom Media View MV15

The Harmonic standard definition (SD) DiviCom encoders produce high quality MPEG-2 compliant transport streams in 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 The SD DiviCom encoders accept analog composite or serial digital video in either NTSC or PAL (BCD video formats.

Additionally, the SD DiviCom encoders accept analog or digital (AES) audio and encode it into MPEG-1 Layer II format or, with the optional enhanced audio adapter, Dolby Digital® (AC-3™) in either one-channel or two-channel mode.

The SD DiviCom encoders output fully compliant DVB or ATSC transport streams.