Birdog Satellite Signal Meter With Waterproof Case.



Birdog Satellite Signal Meter in Waterproof Pelican Case.

The Birdog USB Plus is a compact and lightweight satellite installation meter designed for professional use. It features an easy-to-read display that shows signal strength and digital signal quality1. Here are some key details about the Birdog USB Plus:

Purpose: The Birdog USB Plus is used for aligning satellite dishes during installation.
Display: It has an easy-to-read display that provides information on signal strength and digital signal quality.
Compatibility: The meter is compatible with various satellite services, including HughesNet, Dish Network, and DIRECTV.
Data Logging: As its name suggests, the Birdog USB Plus can log data and transfer it to a computer for further analysis2.
Firmware: The firmware link for the Birdog Ultra (a similar model) works, but the link to download satellite settings is currently inactive3. Unfortunately, support for this product seems to have diminished, and finding recent downloads may be challenging.
While it’s no longer actively supported, the Birdog USB Plus remains a useful tool for satellite dish alignments. If you have any specific alignment needs, consider reaching out to the company or exploring alternative solutions.