HP8485 Power Sensor


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HP8485 Power Sensor this is one of three power heads that we have in stock, we always keep two, because we need a backup in case our primary power sensors fails (or we cook it with too high input)

The frequency range is 50 MHz to 26 GHz, but best of all, the power range of this power head is -30dBm to 20 dBm and this is perfect for our techs testing the power output of amplifiers.

Operating Instructions – Power Measurements

To correct for varying responses at different frequencies a cal factor table is included on the Power Sensors. To use the cal factor at the frequency of interest, adjust the power meter’s CAL FACTOR control according to the instructions in the power meter’s user’s guide.

If you are using an Keysight 435B or Keysight 436A, the minimum cal factor setting is 85% and the maximum is 100%. If the cal factor setting for your frequency of interest is below the meter’s minimum or above the meter’s maximum, set the cal factor control to 100%, and divide the reading, in watts unit, by the decimal equivalent of the cal factor. For example, if the cal factor is 75%, divide the reading by 0.75. (This will result in a larger value of power than that displayed by the meter) If the cal factor is 104% divide the reading by 1.04. (This will result in a smaller value of power than that displayed by the meter).

If reading in dBm, use the chart in Table 1-9 to convert the cal factor to dB and add this value to the reading. Interpolate for values between those shown. Set the cal factor control to 100%. If the cal factor is 75%, add 1.25 dB to the displayed

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HP 8485A Manual 08481-90173
HP 8485A Datasheet 5965-6382E