Harris VSG-410 HDTV Test Signal Generator



Harris VSG-410 Test Signal Generator

HDTV Test Signal Generator is a used unit brought into stock. Currently it has not been tested because the 24 power supply was not included.

We copied some notes from a datasheet that describe it better than we could:

The VSG-410 High Definition Signal Generator is a half-rack width portable or stationary
signal generator that is used both as a test signal generator and a master time generator.
As a test signal generator, the VSG-410 can produce analog, digital, and audio test
signals required in a broadcast facility.

As a master time generator, the VSG-410 inputs time information from various reference
sources, including Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Network Time Protocol (NTP)
servers. It contains an internal timing engine that processes the incoming reference
information, makes appropriate conversions to different time bases, and maintains a
consistent time base, which is used to drive the outputs.

The VSG-410 provides a Digital Audio Reference Signal (DARS) output, as well as a Vertical Interval Time Code (VITC) and Absolute Time Reference (ATR) support for black burst video outputs.

General navigation is performed via front panel controls, but can also be controlled
remotely using Navigator software or NUCLEUS a user customizable remote control

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VSG-410 Datasheet