Clarent Netperformer SDM-9400


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Clarent Netperformer SDM-9400 Frame Relay Access Device (FRAD) also known as a Lucent Cleartrac V410, also known as the ACT 9400 SDM. That’s a lot of names for an old product, but in wrestling match ACT Networks is the name most people know.

Does anybody use Frame Relay today?

We don’t have any way to test these two Clarent Netperformer SDM-9400 units, but if they dont function the buyer may return it for a refund.


Expandable solution for the regional office that integrates high-quality voice (analog or digital), fax, SNA, and data onto a single frame relay or leased line network.

The SDM-9400 is a versatile voice and data integrated access device for the regional office. It packetizes and compresses voice, fax and modem traffic and transports it along with LAN, SNA or serial data over a Frame Relay network, saving cost on intra-enterprise voice communications.