Datum PSM-4900 VSAT Systems Modem


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Datum PSM-4900 VSAT Systems Modem

Datum PSM-4900 VSAT Systems Modem is a used modem manufactured by Datum. These modems are perfectly suited to SCPC Satellite service and they include Turbo Product Code for more efficient bandwidth utilization.

Datum PSM-4900 VSAT Systems Modem

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Here is a sample from the Datum PSM-4900 VSAT Modem datasheet

BPSK or QPSK operation.
SCPC or VSAT remote mode (Burst modulation).
Programmable receive acquisition/tracking range.
Typical DSP acquisition time of 315 mseconds at 9.6 kbps QPSK, 71 mseconds at 64 kbps QPSK.
BER vs. Eb/No performance within 0.3 dB of theoretical. 10-7 BER at 6.0 dB Eb/No (3.5 dB Eb/No with Reed-Solomon codec).
DDS transmit and receive frequency setting in 1 Hz increments.
Programmable Interface type..
DDS setting of transmit and receive data rates from 1.2 kbps to 4.92 Mbps in 1 bps increments.
Built-in BER Test Set.

Datum PSM-4900 Operations Manual

Datum PSM-4900 Datasheet