Snell & Wilcox CVR250



Snell & Wilcox CVR250 – according to the manual, this is what it does:

The compact (1RU) cost effective Kudos CVR products have established themselves as the
world’s best selling broadcast quality standards converters and have transformed the way the
world looks at standards conversion.

Corporations, universities and many other users choose the CVR250 for quality value and

In addition to its role as a standards converter, this versatile unit is suitable for format conversion, as a proc amp and a noise reducer with the added benefit of gamut legalization. Where space and budget are at a premium, nothing will outperform this budget unit.

The CVR250 is designed to integrate up to three IQ modules. This powerful feature enables users to customize their unit according to their system needs.

We don’t have any way to completely test this unit and will offer it as a 30 day return.

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CVR250_Operation Manual