Tandberg SM6620 Modulator



Tandberg SM6620 Modulator has recently been brought into stock. A colleague has upgraded his broadcast truck will all new equipment and has made two of these modulators surplus. They are DVB DVBS2 modulator. Only one is fully functional the second unit has multiple fault codes on power up.

The rapid rise of bitrate intensive high definition television and the continuing need for cost effective transmission over satellite is accelerating the change to more efficient technology. The new DVB-S2 standard is at the forefront of providing the means to fulfilling this requirement.

The SM6620 is a feature-rich, compact, IF output satellite modulator. This future-proof product
gives DVB-S, DVB-DSNG and now DVB-S2 modulations. Integrated into the unit is TANDBERG
Television’s award winning PREKOR™ technology that further enhances system performance
making this modulator the class leader in its field.