Comtech CDM-625 Modem with 10Mb CnC



Used Comtech EFData CDM-625 modem, L-Band and 70MHz, 8PSK/8QAM,  10Mbps, LDPC/TPC, CnC card  with 10mbps license, Ethernet with Advanced QOS

This modem does not have a BUC power supply, but it does have LNB power supply plus 10 MHz reference.


As with all CDM-625 modems there are a number of upgrades that can be performed at the customers site. The majority of options manufactured for the modem are already present in the modem, but they are not active until Comtech issue an unlock code called a Fast Key.

Comtech has a trial feature, and if you wish to test how a particular upgrade feature will work, the modem owner can initiate a seven day trial allowing ample time to discover if the new feature is beneficial.

Some upgrades, for example adding a BUC power supply or VersaFEC feature, require a physical addition of hardware and do not fall into the Fast Key enhancement system.


Operations Manual
Doubletalk Carrier-in-Carrier & CDM-625 White Paper