MCL Klystron Amplifier Specification Manual


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MCL Klystron Amplifier Specification Manual

MCL Klystron Amplifier Specifications And Test Procedure specification establishes the requirements and performance characteristics for high power, C-Band, CW Klystron Power Amplifiers intended for reliable commercial service in the satellite communication earth station terminals.

Klystron amplifiers are high power microwave vacuum tubes. Klystrons are velocity-modulated tubes that are used in some radar equipments as amplifiers. Klystrons make use of the transit-time effect by varying the velocity of an electron beam. A klystron uses one or more special cavities, which modulate the electric field around the axis the tube.

Klystron amplification, power output, and efficiency can be greatly improved by the addition of intermediate cavities between the input and output cavities of the basic klystron. Additional cavities serve to velocity-modulate the electron beam and produce an increase in the energy available at the output.