ITT Industries KU-Band Amplifier Low Noise


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ITT Industries KU-Band Amplifier

ITT Industries KU-Band Amplifier Low Noise RF-2130 Series – This product manual offers basic information on the KU-Band RF-2130 Series Low Noise Amplifier; it’s handling, maintenance, and installation.

What is a Low Noise Amplifier? A low noise amplifier is an electronic amplifier which is used in order to amplify possibly weak signals such as those received by an antenna. Low noise amplifiers are usually located very close to the detection device in order to reduce losses in the feed line.

A low noise amplifier is a key component placed at the front end of a radio receiver circuit. By using a low noise amplifier, the effect of noise from subsequent stages of the receiving chain is diminished by the gain of the amplifier. (via. Future Electronics)