CPI Satellite Communication Equipment Compact Amplifier Manual


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CPI Satellite Communication Equipment Compact Amplifier Manual

This compact amplifier manual presents operating practices for operators and technicians who work with high voltage equipment. In the context of this discussion any voltage that is lethal is viewed as “high voltage”. Therefore, even prime power (115 to 440 VAC) is dangerous because prime power potentials have been known to cause death or injury.

Electrical circuits operate quickly and do not allow a careless individual second chance. When dealing with high voltage, the results are very consistent and predictable and hazards associated with high voltage are always present.

THE FACT THAT THE CONTROL SWITCH SAYS OFF DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE SAFE. Many high voltage circuits are like loaded guns. IN GENERAL, YOU CANNOT SEE A HIGH VOLTAGE HAZARD. You can learn to recognize situations that present a threat and how to avoid them.