Maxtech C-Band LNA model LCA4033


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Maxtech C-Band LNA model LCA4033

If you take pleasure in opening a package and finding a new shiny item, then this LNA is not for you. On the downside its probably as old as my father and shows signs of use, but on the plus side it works perfectly.

We searched looking for a manufacturer’s data sheet but didn’t find one with the original name, but Maxtech C-Band LNAs were originally manufactured by Maxtech they now have a Vertex name and model number. Vertex has named them LC-4000 Low Noise Amplifiers. We did find that datasheet.

LC-4000 series C-Band Low Noise Amplifiers are specially designed for satellite earth station receiver front ends and other telecommunications applications. Utilizing
state-ofthe-art HEMT and GaAs FET technology, these amplifiers have been designed for both fixed and transportable applications. High performance models are available in
several standard frequency ranges, with noise temperatures of 30, 35, 40 and 45 K. All noise temperature specifications are guaranteed over the full bandwidth of the LNA and are verified by cold load testing.


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