NES L-Band to KU-Band Up Converter


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This is an L-Band to KU-Band Up Converter manufactured for us to fill a gap in many customers needs.

In many cases a client needs to use a high powered KU-Band SSPA or TWTA  with their L-Band modem or modulator.  This causes a problem because that type of amplifier requires KU-Band input and their modulator outputs L-Band instead.

To solve this problem we had this up converter designed and built specially for us.

Our L-Band to KU-Band Up Converter has a type N connector for input from the L-Band modem and also type N output to carry the RF to the amplifier.

This L-Band to KU-Band Up Converter has its own 24VDC power supply and 10 MHz reference with built in attenuation to ensure that the modem cannot overpower the input side of the amplifier and cause serious damage.

The frequency range of the up converter is 13.75 to 14.5 GHz covering the full range of KU-Band amplifiers.

One question frequently asked is why should I buy an SSPA or TWTA, why not buy a BUC, and then I have no need for an up converter. The answer is cost. High power BUCs are never available on the used equipment market, but there are many choices of used high power TWTAs or SSPAs available at very fair prices.