Miteq DNS-14-12-LC Test Loop Translator



Miteq DNS-14-12-LC Test Loop Translator is a used unit but in perfect working condition.

A Test Loop Translator is a useful device to test both ends of a satellite loop without using the satellite.

Satellites pair a transmit and a receive signal at two different frequencies. In the case of KU-Band the transmit frequency of a carrier is returned at a frequency lowered by 2300 MHz.

There are often cases when you wish to test a modulator and a separate demodulator (IRD) end to end. One way is to book time on a satellite and transmit a carrier using the two devices, but this is not always convenient. This is where a test loop translator is very useful.

When we tested this Miteq DNS-14-12-LC Test Loop Translator we input a 14,000 MHz signal and the TLT down-converted it to 11,700 MHz exactly as a satellite would do.

The photographs show the frequency generator with a 14 GHz signal and the down converted signal on the spectrum analyzer.

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Miteq DNS14-12-LC Datasheet