Quintech PUL 070A 70 MHz to L-Band Frequency Converter



The Quintech PUL 070A frequency converter receives an input of 70MHz and converts it to L-Band. One of its uses in the satellite world is to take the output from a legacy 70MHz modem and through the conversion, allow that 70 Mhz modem to work with an L-Band BUC.

Although in many cases the BUC requires an input of 10 MHz reference and the smaller BUCs also require a 24VDC feed via the IFL cable. The PUL 070A provides neither of these needs and so care must be taken assuming that the Quintech will work in all cases.

Quintech PUL 070A

The Quintech PULA00702150SZB000 is an ultra-stable agile frequency converter that features phase noise and stability performance that exceeds the IESS 308/309 standard, and is suitable for all current high-speed data transmission rates and advanced digital modulation schemes.  It is capable of translating 70 MHz IF signals to L-Band signals (950-2150 MHz) in 125 KHz steps.

The L-Band frequency and frequency sense is selectable via the front panel keypad and LCD display.

Operation of the Upconverter is straight forward with very few options to choose> We made a video demonstrating the use of the Quintech PUL 070A and placed it on YouTube.

Additional information



Quintech PUL A70 Datasheet – pdf