New Era KU-band 0dB Driver



KU-band 0dB Driver is a product manufactured by our in-house engineer to allow us to use an L-Band modulator (or Modem) to drive one of our 400 watt KU-Band TWTAs.

It started life as a commercially sold KU-Band BUC but some significant re-engineering changed it into a 0dB Driver. It’s a frequency converter, it accepts L-Band and outputs KU-band to connect directly to the input port of the amplifier.

Why not just call it a frequency converter? By pointing out that it’s a 0dBm we are emphasizing that you must not put any wattage into the input stage of an amplifier, if you do, you’ll cook the amplifier (that’s a technical term). Our 400 watt TWTAs have a warning on the input saying do not exceed 15 dBm or 32 mW

I issue this warning because some of our customers have addressed this problem by suggesting that they can use a 1 Watt BUC as the converter – IF YOU VALUE YOUR AMPLIFIER, DON’T DO IT.

The KU-band 0dB Driver Type F input connector requires 24VDC and 10 MHz input. The output consists of a WR75 to Type N adapter.

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